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It’s a double-launch week at Hello & Co! I’m so excited to be sharing the new small business branding and website for Soil & Sprouts Gardens, a garden design and consulting company in St. Louis! This project is extra-special to me because the gardener behind Soil & Sprouts juuuust might be my best friend, Samantha ?

Samantha is one of the most knowledgeable gardeners around, with a beautiful raised-bed garden to back it up (I should know, since I graze off her herbs every time I visit) and she’s now available for garden design, consulting, and education! Here’s a look at her all-new branding and Showit website.

The Brand

Creating a brand for someone I know well is always a uniquely fun experience, because the instructions I was given were “You know what I like! Make it look like me.” Easier said than done in some cases, but this one really did flow naturally! We pulled from the palette of a real-life garden with pinks and soft greens, then added in marigold and terracotta tones to keep things earthy. The sweeping curves of the Soil & Sprouts logo suite mimic plant vines, plus the tiny leaf details set us up for tons of pattern play and submarks in future projects!

The Website

I’m a firm believer that a new website for a new business doesn’t have to mean a bare-bones feel. There are so many ways to balance every amount of content, whether you’re just starting out and only have a few things to share, or you’ve been in business for quite some time and have a million things to organize and showcase. We started with some big down-the-road goals in mind for Soil & Sprouts and built a site that’s easy to use and updated with current offerings, and leaves a lot of room for some future projects and expansions!

Adding Fun Details

There’s about a million small details hidden around the Soil & Sprouts website, but my absolute favorite is these icons in the footer. If you zoom way, way in on them you’ll see that the initials of Samantha’s children are hidden on the trowel handle and signing the invoice! Fully custom design is such a fun way to sneak in personal touches like that!

Ready to see the full project? Check it out at!

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