So, you started a business...

and wow, is it exciting!

You’re finally striking out on your own - maybe because this has always been the plan, or maybe because you’re ready for the independence and flexibility that working for yourself has to offer. You’re ready to serve clients & change lives.

But hold up - it’s the digital age, and you have to market yourself online. And you’re really good (like, really good) at serving your clients, but…

All the website stuff? Not your thing.
DIY attempts? Lackluster at best.
YouTube tutorials? Cluttered, confusing, and wasting your time.
SEO? Never heard of her.

About Amy

You've met your match.

as in, "made in heaven" - your business's new bestie

Good News, friend!

But plot twist: turns out,

My business happy ending is helping
you create yours.

Hi, I'm Amy! I'm a dietitian turned brand & website designer - yep, you read that right. It's kind of a funny story...

Like a lot of healthcare providers, I left my corporate job in search of something that fueled my soul: the fairytale life of owning a business. And after a lot of *refining*, I finally found it.

My first clue should have been

Pick your fave - they're all true! Hindsight is 20/20.

spending more time on my nutrition practice's website than I did seeing clients

when all my dietitian friends asked me to redo their DIY website attempts

when I preferred design education over nutrition CEU's

Faster than ross could yell "pivot!", I found a new direction (actually, it took quite a lot of learning + time)

Now, I help service-based businesses shine online and help more clients through branding that speaks to the heart & websites that take work off your plate.

I know my stuff, sure - but I know some of yours, too

You don't have to tell me even once, let alone twice, why photos of salads aren't gonna cut it for your eating disorder specialty. You need a clear-cut way to explain your therapeutic approach? I'm one step ahead of ya. Do you want to recognize and respect your website's role in building rapport with your clients? Yes & amen; let's do this.

I'm literally trained to
dig deeper & listen well

A lot of branding & website design is the honing and refining process - asking the right questions and discovering the answers over time. And you know what certified eating disorder specialists are pretty dang good at? Asking the right questions, and helping you find the answers over time. (It's in my blood now and there's no turning back)

Here's why my unconventional background is actually my superpower:

Tammy Beasley | MS, RDN, LD, CEDS-S

I trust Amy to know this profession, and to know exactly how to capture what matters to me most because she is a fellow ED RD, CEDS and gets my heart and vision. Her professional integrity and experience are two of the reasons I chose to work with her, and the level of energy and passion that she brings made this such a fun and enjoyable project.

and at this point, you're probably wondering

What's it actually like to have a dietitian-turned-designer on your side?

I'm here to help you look good online,
so you can do more good in the world.


start to finish

Branding that feels like you + a website that'll be your practice's new secret client-getting weapon.

DIY (with a pro to back you up!)

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