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Booked Out Designer by Elizabeth McCravy | My Honest Review


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One of the most frequently-asked questions I get from prospective and current clients is: where did you learn how to run this business? I completely understand it – it's a little bit surprising to hear about my career shift from dietitian to designer, but even more so when clients get an inside look at my process! I'm extremely proud of the fact that my projects function like a long-established business and not the little startup I'm actually growing.

When I set out to start my design business in March 2023 (yep, just a few months ago!) I had one goal for the year: complete 1-2 paying projects. That's it. I just wanted to book one, maybe two branding and website design clients for the entirety of 2023.

At the time I'm writing this, I currently have 10 (!) projects completed or booked/scheduled for a 2023 launch, have increased the value of the projects I'm doing, and have a template shop launching in November to help meet the demand I'm facing.

So, how did I go from unsure about my business's initial potential and growth velocity to being a booked-out designer?

Simple: I learned from the best.

Booked Out Designer by Elizabeth McCravy

Booked Out Designer is a course and coaching program by Elizabeth McCravy that teaches you how to build an in-demand business as a brand/web designer. It’s basically a BUSINESS course for designers, specifically on running a successful service business. Whether you’re brand new or have been at it a while, you’ll learn the key things you need to succeed as a designer.

The course covers everything from pricing to how to do a project with a client, legal and financial help, and marketing. You also get an amazing and active Facebook community plus coaching calls where you can ask Elizabeth questions about your specific business! 

I joined Booked Out Designer during my first month of business, and it absolutely blew me out of the water. I've taken several business and education courses in the past, but never has any one resource taught me so much in one place. I reference the modules at least weekly, and use the tools from BOD daily in my business.

What's Included in Booked Out Designer

Curious about what's inside? If you ask Elizabeth McCravy's team, here's what they'll say:

  • Over 90 lessons (9 modules) of video content
  • Topics include marketing, niching, networking, client experience, legal/financial foundations, discovery calls, pricing and more
  • A full contract template for brand and website designers (NEW – $350 value) 
  • Group coaching calls with Elizabeth (+ access to all past call replays) 
  • An active and private Facebook community of designers where you can ask questions 

And all of that is true! This course and experience truly holds up to its promises. But if you asked me what's inside Booked Out Designer, here's my hot take!

Booked Out Designer contains everything above, plus:

  • Tons of time and money saved through established, tried-and-true systems
  • Confidence that I'm providing a client experience that's thorough, tested, and wow-inducing
  • A built-in team of cheerleaders and supporters through the community. I've never met a more welcoming group of people!

Watch my full review below!

My Favorite Booked Out Designer Modules

It would probably be cheesy to say “all of them,” so I'm going to make myself choose and say the client experience module! It's truly revolutionized the way I think about customer service and how I can anticipate and fill my clients' needs.

Behind the Scenes: My Actual ROI

I spent $1647 to join Booked Out Designer during Booked Out Week (Elizabeth's semiannual sale) in April 2023, and will have a 755% return on investment at the end of 2023 when I complete all of my current projects (keep in mind: that's working part time over 9 months, not even a full year!) So while it's an investment to join – I'd actually say the investment was in me considering the growth potential I'm seeing in my business already!

Join Booked Out Designer

If you're interested in becoming a Booked Out Designer, I cannot say enough good things about the experience! You can read more and join here!

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