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If you’re a health and wellness professional (as I know many of you are),  you probably remember learning about the stages of change in your Psychology 101 class. And if you’re like me, some of that information probably fell right out of your head and felt really abstract until you started actually working with clients. […]

how to identify your ideal client

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“I’m running an inclusive business, and I want to help people, not exclude them… so I don’t need to identify my ideal client, because it’s everyone. Right?” WRONG. (But in a nice way, with hugs + a solution) When I started my first business, this train of thought led me straight down the wrong track.  […]

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Should you start an email list? Unless you have minimal plans to grow your business or scale in the future – the answer is YES! Email marketing has one of the highest return on investment rates (when compared to paid ads on social media, etc). And good news: There are a lot of ways to […]

Hi, I'm Amy - brand and web designer, copywriter, and all-around small business hype girl.

Is it an About section cliché to tell you I'm so glad you're here? Yes. Is it true? Also yes.

If you're a wellness provider (think: PT, OT, RD, LCSW) with a new or growing private practice - pull up a chair and get comfy. Through elevated design and compelling copy, I help wellness pros transform their sites into conversion-focused online spaces that feel like them & speak to their dream clients. 

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