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Wondering about switching to Showit and how it can majorly upgrade your website? Here's all the details on why my clients and I are absolutely obsessed with it.

Powerful Blogging with Wordpress

Showit integrates with Wordpress to give you powerful blogging capabilities, minus the headache of navigating themes and limited design options.

No need for complex coding

Showit offers tons of design features built-in that other platforms require custom code for (like customizing fonts, creating galleries, and more). So while you can add code, it's not a roadblock to building your website the way you want it.

Design platform & website host in one

All you'll need to add is a domain - no worries about self-hosting or extra complications!

You really can have a website that's party in the front, business in the back.

Nope, that's not written backwards. With Showit's easy drag & drop editor and powerful backend functionality, you'll have a beautiful website that you can actually edit and use.

Meghan M.
Template Shop Customer

Showit lets me customize every single piece of my website without feeling overwhelming!

As someone who struggles with all things technology but has a specific vision of what I want my website to look like, I'm so happy to have found Showit. I'm so happy with how my website came out and love knowing that I can easily make changes that align with my vision as I go. 

drag, drop, done
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Squarespace vs. Showit

Squarespace is built on a "grid", meaning that elements like images & text boxes snap to fit onto the grid. Showit offers precise, pixel-by-pixel adjusting - put things wherever you want.

Squarespace requires custom code to add many design features that Showit can do without code and more intuitively (like adding your own fonts).

Showit's mobile design capabilities far outpace those of Squarespace, making for a flawless website on every screen size.

Wix vs. Showit

Wix has a reputation for keeping their clients' sites captive - AKA, making it literally impossible to export content if you ever switch platforms.

Wix also has a drag-and-drop interface - but with less precision and more frustration, so you may find you can't get your design quite right. Showit's design platform is both intuitive and detailed, and things go right where you want them.

Showit provides similar SEO capabilities to Wix (note: SEO is what you make it, and doesn't rely as much on your website builder as they'd have you think!)

Wordpress vs. Showit

With a Wordpress website, you'll still have to choose a website builder (like Elementor, Divi, etc) or learn/maintain piles of custom code. Showit's website builder is insanely easy to learn, and you can still use Wordpress plugins and capabilities on the advanced Showit plan.

Wordpress doesn't have customer service, while Showit's friendly team is always one click away.

In my opinion, the learning curve associated with building and maintaining a Wordpress website isn't needed for most service-based small businesses - Showit websites are much easier to maintain and less frustrating overall.





Select your current website builder to see a side-by-side comparison with Showit's features and ease of use!

Is Showit good for SEO?

Yes! Here's the thing: SEO is what you make it. It's affected by tons of factors, like:

  • The way your website is organized
  • The words on your website and how they compare to what people are searching for
  • Your domain's reputation
  • Time
  • How many other websites link back to yours
  • How often your website is updated

... to name a few. Showit offers easy and powerful ways to manage your on-page SEO (the SEO stuff you do from inside your website)!

Big (brand) Reputation

Finally showcase the quality of your services on your website, grow your reputation for excellence, and charge what you're worth.

Aligned Business Growth

Spend your time on strategy and big-picture vision - because keeping your site up-to-date no longer takes hours spent down a Google rabbithole.

No more design headaches

Show off your brand's personality with ease, and attract the clients you really want to work with.

With Showit, you'll have
more than a website.

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