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Welcome to the Showit website builder, here to give you the easiest site you've ever edited while looking like something straight outta your dreams.

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Drag it. Drop it. Bop it. Twist it.

Actually - it makes website maintenance as easy as using Canva (pie is low key a difficult dessert to make, okay?). Just hop into the intuitive website builder and adjust text, image placement, colors, fonts, and more with a simple click.

Showit is a drag-and-drop, no-code-required website builder that makes website maintenance easy as pie.

Powerful Blogging with Wordpress

Showit integrates with Wordpress to give you powerful blogging capabilities, minus the headache of navigating themes and limited design options.

No need for complex coding

Showit offers tons of design features built-in that other platforms require custom code for (like customizing fonts, creating galleries, and more).

Design platform & website host in one

All you'll need to add is a domain - no worries about self-hosting or extra complications! Showit provides a website that truly shortens your to-do list - not piles on.

"Showit lets me customize every single piece of my website without feeling overwhelming!"

As someone who struggles with all things technology but has a specific vision of what I want my website to look like, I'm so happy to have found Showit. I'm so happy with how my website came out and love knowing that I can easily make changes that align with my vision as I go. 

meghan m.

"I love how every little thing feels customizable on the site!"

"Other site builders I've used (like Squarespace and Wordpress) feel like they limit the customization features and this feels easy to use and intuitive to me."

Rachel W.

Simplify your business blog without sacrificing function.

Showit utilizes a seamless integration with Wordpress to manage blog post content - choose an advanced blogging plan to install any WP plugin, and skip the hassle of themes and coding.

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powerful blogging with the showit website builder

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But is Showit
good for SEO?

Think of your website builder and SEO like a tool: It's really all about how you use it. The same pencil in my hands produces a vastly different outcome than in my toddler's - because I had a better plan and more experience executing it (you'll get there, G). 

So yes, Showit is great for your SEO - because it offers piles of easy-to-leverage potential for online growth! Oh, and it does it all while keeping design a top priority - we love a platform that keeps the people and the robots happy.

Because my aim is always to make success feel simple, I incorporate SEO details into all custom projects and website templates

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go Magic Eraser my walls - see above re: giving toddler a pencil.

Want to see how Showit stacks up with your current website platform?

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Showit vs. wordpress

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Website Templates

Showit website templates are truly the easiest way to launch a professional-grade site - they're all drag and drop, and come with a complete library of tutorials to help you get it done quickly and well.

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Custom Design

Need something more custom? I LOVE designing websites with specific clients in mind, tailored to their offers and audience, and packed with personality. (PS - I also write websites if that's what you need!)

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