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The Best Website Privacy Policy Generator – Get Covered, Not Stressed

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Welcome to the website privacy policy generator of your dreams.

Oh, you've never had that dream? Okay, I'll add it to my “weird sh*t website designer dreams” list and move on. But really, I get it – there’s 193267 (rough estimate) things to think about when you’re starting or running a business, and sometimes this just doesn’t make the top of the list.

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on exactly where my clients find their privacy policies – a one-stop shop for everything you need for website compliance. It's a website privacy policy generator that automatically updates and doesn't break the bank – yep, such a unicorn exists!

Please note: I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. This is just me sharing about a tool I recommend to clients to help cover their website’s legal bases now and in the future stress-free. Also: This post contains affiliate links.

Let’s start with the basics…

Why Your Site Needs a Privacy Policy

If you have a contact form on your website (which I hope you do), you're collecting personal information! Websites with contact forms help website owners generate leads by collecting people’s names and email addresses. When a form gets submitted, you receive that person’s contact details via an email sent to your email inbox. 

So, you’re not only collecting names and email addresses, but you’re sharing that data with your email service provider and any other third-party services you may be using to collect leads (like Dubsado, Healthie, etc). You may also use tools that collect information like user’s IP addresses for security and analytics purposes (Meta Pixel, cookies, Google Ads, the list goes on).

Websites collecting personal information should have a privacy policy

Personal information (names, emails, IP addresses, etc.) is regulated under multiple privacy laws. And because your website could be collecting this information from website visitors located anywhere, you may be required by multiple privacy laws to provide a website Privacy Policy that makes specific disclosures required under each law. 

There’s nothing wrong about collecting personal information, rather it’s a great thing that helps a business grow. It’s just that these days, you need to make the respective disclosures in your Privacy Policy!

Non-compliance fines are significant…  and more privacy laws are coming

Technology is expanding at an exponential rate, which means privacy is becoming more and more important over time. The minimum fine for non-compliance starts at $2,500 PER website visitor whose rights you’ve infringed upon (imagine getting a non-compliance fine for just 100 site visitors!).

On top of that, privacy laws change and new laws go into effect, meaning you need to have a strategy to keep your Privacy Policy up to date over time. If you're like me, you're pretty much operating at capacity when it comes to your business and not down with more annual (or even intermittent) tasks – so software that auto-updates is a must.

The best website privacy policy generator. A woman types on a laptop. Text over the image reads "How to stop stressing about your website's privacy policy"

Meet Termageddon – the Best Website Privacy Policy Generator

There are a big handful of options out there for gaining legal coverage for your business, but Termageddon has far & away been my (and my clients') favorite!

With Termageddon, you can generate a comprehensive set of website policies (including a Privacy Policy). Once done, you will then receive notices from them regarding new disclosure requirements, and they even have the ability to push these new disclosures automatically to your website’s policy pages! As in, without you doing anything extra (my favorite kind of to-do).

Transparently, I also love Termageddon because of its pricing. Popular free resources typically don't allow you to generate more than 1-2 policies (and usually, the clients I design for have needed 3-5), and paid resources can be as much as hundreds to thousands of dollars per policy.

Termageddon charges $119/year for a full set of policies to help website owners comply with laws and limit their liability (aka, help you avoid potential website related fines and lawsuits).  This includes a Privacy Policy, Terms, Disclaimer and more! 

The tool generates your policies based on a questionnaire that helps determine what laws apply, provides the exact disclosures you’re required to make and then notifies you and can even push updates automatically to your policy pages when the laws change! 

Automatic updates really are key here – having frequent updates and relevant information is essential to site health. It's one of the number one things I recommend planning for when designing and writing your website!

Termageddon Privacy Policy Generator Setup & Install

Want to watch me actually go through and set up my own Termageddon policy? Here's the video I share with clients when they're working on setup! Disclaimer: This video is not a tutorial or legal advice; just showing you what the backend of Termageddon looks like and how easy it is.

Video: Watch Me Set Up Termageddon

Where to Put Your Privacy Policy

I typically give my clients a website page named “Legal” or “Policies” that contains everything on one page. You can use clearly marked headers to separate out your policies – it doesn't need to be a highly designed page!

You'll use your website design platform to add a code block (may also be called an embed block or something similar). Essentially, your website privacy policy generator will generate a string of code for you that you'll copy and paste into this block. Ctrl-C, ctrl-V, move on!

Then, just link to it in the footer of your site and make sure it's on every page.

Curious what that looks like? Legal pages are included in all of my website templates!

Termageddon's Black Friday Sale 2023

Receive 30% off your first year subscription payment ($119 $83.30) as well as a reduced implementation fee ($150 $100 – 33% off!) for us to create, embed, and test the policy pages on your website.  Plus, you get the (complimentary) option to book a Termageddon representative who will walk you through the entire policy generation process! (Valid through 12/3/23)

Termageddon will then regularly renew annually at $119/year and you'll receive privacy law alerts and automatic updates as time goes on. 

Try Termageddon at a Discount

Easy? Yes. Too good to be true? Nope, this is for real life y'all.

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