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I am so excited to be revealing the new branding and website for Body of Knowledge Nutrition Services today! Meagan reached out to celebrate her 10-year business anniversary (!!!) with a new brand and site, and it was just the most fun process to work together!

Meagan has a very kind, direct way of speaking about the way she serves clients that showcases how down-to-earth and authentic she is as a person. We worked together on her website copy to incorporate her values and approach, with phrases like “an enjoyable, life-enhancing relationship with food.”

Branding with Meaning

Meagan had a modern vision for the new branding, and we worked together to create something that mixed in Southwestern design vibes with that modern aesthetic.

Body of Knowledge Nutrition's submark is two interlocked diamonds, showcasing the overlap Meagan provides between recovery and real life (yep, like a Venn diagram!).

A New Offering | Intuitive Eating & Cooking Course

During the height of the pandemic, Meagan founded a really beautiful project called Good Grit Collective which is online community for adults navigating eating disorder recovery. It continues to exist in the form of an evergreen course, and gave Meagan the idea for her latest offering: Kitchen Intuition.

I'm going to give it to you straight: in my years of being a dietitian, I think that Kitchen Intuition is one of the most needed and also one of the coolest resources I've ever seen someone create. It's a cooking course that combines technical knowledge (like knife skills and food storage) with intuitive eating principles like learning how to connect with your body and enjoy food again.

This course is truly an essential for someone in chronic dieting or eating disorder recovery, in my opinion. It was truly such a joy to watch this course go from an idea to a fully-fledged offering (on pre-order now!) over the course of our project!

One of the things I really love about working with wellness and mental health professionals on sales pages, is that we really hone in on how to write the copy and present the information in a way that creates buy-in and helps make the sale without feeling…salesy.

A Personality-Packed About Page

The about page is a highly underrated page on your website in my opinion! A lot of people think that they can just quickly write a bio and gloss over the about page, but it's typically one of the most visited pages on your website and is really integral and helping someone know, like, and trust you to provide them with services/products.

When we started mapping out the website, Meagan let me know that she often brought one of her dogs, Z, to the office for sessions. We created a plan to add a bio for Z to infuse a little personality into the page… and then Meagan adopted a fourth dog during our project and Lou's bio was added, too!

View the Nutritionist Website

You can see the full, final website at Body of Knowledge here! Happy Launch Day to Meagan, Z, and Lou!

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