A Bold, Refined Brand & Website for a Therapist


The happiest launch week to Brandi with Honest Therapy! I have the honor of being Brandi’s past coworker and current friend, and it’s been so fun to watch her start and grow her private practice.

About the Project

Business: Honest Therapy is a private practice helping women heal their trauma through clear, honest, no-bullsh*t therapy. 

Project: Branding Identity + Website Refresh

Website Platform: Showit

To boost Honest Therapy’s online presence, Brandi and I worked together on creating branding assets that captured her personality while keeping her website polished and professional. Once her branding was complete, I moved on to helping integrate her new brand collateral into her existing Showit site to provide a mini refresh with big impact!

The Brand

When I think of Brandi, I think bold. Direct. Joyful. Honest. Her business is aptly named, I’ll tell you that! We weren’t starting from zero with her branding, since she recently updated her branding photos and it was so easy to draw from them for inspiration! We aimed for clean, refined branding with bold color pops and fun details. You can see the finished primary logo on Brandi’s homepage!

Color palette for branding and a website for a therapist

A Polished Final Website for a Therapist

Brandi’s review of making a DIY website attempt before we worked together will never stop making me laugh – her exact words were “I hated every second of that.” We pulled in her new brand collateral by adding her logo + logo mark strategically, plus refining the colors on her site and reorganizing it.


Information about therapy services, location, investment/cost of care, FAQ, and modalities were scatted throughout the site (several on their own pages), which meant the viewer’s experience was more about searching for information rather than on how Brandi can walk with them on their journey

Custom designed on Showit - Website for a therapist


We restructured the site to have fewer, more effective pages, and now all of this info is on a neatly laid out Services page! We also added a cutie little slide-in call to action on this page so that at any point in reading, viewers can go ahead and submit an inquiry to work with Brandi.

I absolutely love helping create a website for a therapist, because it's so much more than a website. Your site's visitors are in a tender, vulnerable place and looking to create a safe connection and begin healing. Your website is the beginning of that journey, and will make the onboarding process feel much more organic if it represents you well!

View Brandi's finished therapy website here!

Kind Words

Finally I have a brand that reflects not only who I am as a therapist but who I am as a person. Amy was able to refine my website, making it stand out beyond what I was able to do alone. Amy's ability to bring my style and vision into a cohesive, cool website allows me to move on from the banding headache! Amy is the most thorough individual you will ever meet and will make suggestions that you would have never considered. Thanks, Amy!

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