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Murray Nutrition | Branding & Website Launch


I’m so excited to be celebrating the launch of Murray Nutrition’s new branding and website! I might be biased since I'm an RD by education – but we love a dietitian website design around here! This was a HUGE project in both scope and level of excitement, since Emily hadn’t had a branding or site refresh since the very beginning of things, when she was just starting her solo practice.

If you don’t know, Emily Murray is a wonderful, compassionate eating disorder dietitian who founded Murray Nutrition in Brentwood, TN. You might recognize her from Instagram, where she shares recovery insights and motivation. Emily began Murray Nutrition in 2020 as a solo practice and quickly expanded over the past three years to have a team of FOUR dietitians! It was time for an upgrade, and I had so much fun helping out!

Project Details

I already mentioned this once – but this was a BIG project! We ended up with 12 info- and design-packed pages, strategically organized to showcase everything Murray Nutrition does.

Want a behind-the-scenes look at what we worked on? Here’s our “to-done” list!

  • Created clear branding strategy by narrowing down and identifying Murray Nutrition’s ideal client, brand voice & tone, and standout factors
  • Designed a full logo suite including logo, alternate logo, and 3 logo marks
  • Rounded out the new branding with a 7-color palette and typography pairings
  • Rewrote and thoroughly edited website copy
  • Highlighted those standout factors (family based treatment, a highly trained team, and providers who have been through recovery, too) in copy and on the site
  • Added clear road markers for website visitors to easily navigate through all of the different things that Murray Nutrition offers

You can see a before and after of the Murray Nutrition website below, and click here to view the whole project!

Before (left) and after (right) the Murray Nutrition website rebrand & design!

Emily's Thoughts

Curious what Emily had to say about the final website design?

“Taking an IMPOSSIBLE task that is outside of my zone of genius and doing a beautiful, wonderful, excellent job!!!! I feel like the website and brand finally matches the quality of services we provide and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL.”

Emily Murray

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