Dietitian Website Templates | A Behind-The-Scenes Peek at the Template Shop!

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I am actually beside myself with excitement about announcing my upcoming template shop launch! I've actually dreamed of running a digital shop since my private practice days, and it's been such a natural, organic fit for the next stage of Hello & Co. The official shop launch date will be in October 2024, and template waitlist members will be getting special sneak peeks + a launch week discount, so make sure you join!

Today, I'm sharing a behind-the-scenes view of what's coming in the template shop – grab a chair and get comfy, because these babies are comprehensive.

Are they all dietitian website templates?

Here's the thing: a well-designed template is going to be specific enough to meet your needs, but general enough to give you room to grow! All of my templates are based on a branded persona I've created to give you a more realistic look at them in action (you'll be able to preview before you buy!). Two of the three launch day templates are developed around a dietitian persona, and one around a therapist! That being said, these templates will be great for any service-based business. As a dietitian-turned-designer, I have a soft spot for those in the nutrition & therapy fields and created these personas with those fields in mind.

What's included with each template?

Each template comes with a multipage Showit website template plus detailed videos and instructions on how to customize it (everything from picking colors to swapping out text).

Here's the list of pages included in each of these first templates:

  • Home
  • About – including ways to include fun facts about you, a casual + professional bio, and more!
  • Services / Ways to Work Together – an overview of the ways people can work with you or hire you!
  • Services / Individual Service – dedicated pages for different specialties or offerings you might have. This is a great way to educate your potential clients on all the ways that you're awesome, and sneak in some more SEO keywords. Only have one way to work together right now, or one specialty? It's super easy to hide these pages for one day down the road!
  • Contact – includes an interactive contact form
  • Legal – for your privacy policy + terms of use (includes my favorite resources for procuring these!)
  • No Surprises – if you have a private practice and want/need to include info about the No Surprises Act or a Good Faith Estimate, here you go! If not – just hide it!
  • FAQ – frequently asked questions
  • Landing page – for fun things like your email opt-in (example here), and other options I'll teach ya! 😉
  • Error 404 page – shown when people visit broken links
  • Blog – your blog “home” / list of posts!
  • Blog Single Post – like what you're reading right now!
  • Coming Soon – for pre-launch!
  • BONUS: A social links page to keep things seamlessly branded + save you $ on Linktree

Will we get to see the templates before launch day?

It depends… are you on the email list? 😉 Email list members + template affiliates will get a look at each template before launch! Otherwise, these things are tightly under wraps!

Once the templates are launched and officially into the world, you'll be able to walk through each page of each template and browse before you purchase! This is one of the features I'm most excited about: you'll actually be able to interact with the templates as a site visitor before you pick!

Tell me more about exactly how easy these things are to set up?

In a word: very. In more words:

  • The Showit editor is drag-and-drop, meaning that if you can use Canva – you can use Showit
  • You can change everything if you want to – colors, fonts, text, images, links, icons, and placement of items
  • If you don't want to change anything except the words, you can keep the colors and assets that came pre-loaded onto the template! (Maybe change the photo to one of yourself so your clients aren't confused, though)
  • The Showit support team is quick, friendly, and generous with their GIF usage. If you run into site-specific issues while you're launching, they're a dream to help you figure it out

Watch me edit a landing page (okay, I may have lied about not giving template sneak peeks. Oops) in 10 seconds! This took 3.5 minutes in real time, and frankly – it would have been less time had I grabbed the right colors I wanted beforehand!)

Why Choose a Website Template

When I started my private practice in 2017, I didn't at all anticipate the number of hats I'd have to wear. My focus until this point had been on gaining the clinical skills I needed to support people, and I thought it would be as simple as adding a few buttons to a website to book sessions and I could get back to the real work at hand.

What I didn't realize is how much strategy goes into the actual marketing and administrative side of things. I spent so much more time diving into random Google tutorials than seeing clients, and even then I still felt like I was getting everything wrong online. I feel like this was before templates were big on the scene, and certainly before there was a ton of discussion about websites and branding online (at least in the circles I was running in).

I created these templates for you, but also for my fresh-faced new dietitian self who needed a guide through this process and some things taken off her plate so she could enjoy her business again.

These templates are…

  • One part copy outline & website blueprint
  • Created around a ready-to-use mini-brand (color palette, typography, and stock images) and on a fully customizable platform that will let you swap in your own elements. You can either drop in copy and a photo of yourself, or replace each item to make it truly your own! The choice is yours & the possibilities are limitless!
  • Bundled with a Showit Foundations mini-course to help walk you through how to use Showit, make edits, add your elements, and BONUS: teach you how to choose a color palette and fonts. Yep, I'm pulling back the curtain on everything you need to think about when making those choices and telling you exactly how to pick + where to find things!

Want to make sure you don't miss anything template-related? Join the waitlist for sneak peeks + a launch week discount!

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