Feeding Families Education & Consulting + Hope Feeds Families Design Project


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About the Client

Let’s get one thing straight:  Hope is the coolest. She takes multipassionate to the next level with a casual pile of qualifications behind her name (think: PhD, RD, IBCLC, list goes on) and is seriously dedicated to not only providing the best care to her patients, but the best education to her students.

She’s a triple threat: private practice owner, university professor, and health educator – and it was time to streamline how all of that shows up online so she can help even more aspiring lactation consultants and dietitians.

Project Goal

We originally set out to update the Hope Feeds Families website (and its sales page for Hope’s Infant Feeding Counselor course), and quickly realized that what we were dealing with was actually two distinct businesses.

Enter: Feeding Families Education & Counseling.

(Yep, it started as a website and morphed into an additional LLC and brand once we dove deeper into the strategy and SEO plan. This is what I mean when I say my projects are never just a website! We’re diving straight to the core of your business and making a plan that benefits it on more than just a marketing level)

Project Scope

As I mentioned – this was a big project that started with a website update and expanded to include: a brand expansion (creating a logo suite for the new Feeding Families Education that complemented the existing Hope Feeds Families brand), copywriting support, two websites, e-Commerce setup, and a systems/automation overhaul.

Brand Expansion

Hope did a fabulous job DIY-ing her branding for her private practice (remember that multipassionate side I mentioned? She literally taught herself Adobe Illustrator to do it. The coolest), so my task was to create a logo suite for the new Feeding Families Education that fit into the existing brand and extended it.

This is maybe one of my most favorite logo marks…ever? Combining silverware with lab equipment (because oh yeah, Hope runs a lab that studies the composition of human milk) is a fun nod to every aspect of Hope's training. Looking for an example of how branding doesn't have to be visually complex to make a huge impact? You got one.

We also expanded some of the branding for Hope's private practice, Feeding Families Education. Immediately upon diving into photo sourcing for this site, I noticed a severe lack of inclusivity in the photos available – because most to all infant feeding photos are of a baby directly breast/chestfeeding and there's not much in the way of pumping, bottle feeding, etc.

So… we fixed that with some custom icons! The infant feeding side of Hope's practice received this custom set of icons representing lactation, starting solids, pumping, and bottle feeding to uphold Hope's values of inclusivity and honoring every family's feeding story.

We also added some custom food patterns for texture & depth on the website, that can now be used in social media posts!

In order to keep things cohesive across both websites, we used the same font suite and color palettes – but each has its own unique twist that gives it more personality. Above, you can see the lined paper motif with red/blue lines we used to create a playful education vibe for Feeding Families!

And for Hope Feeds Families, we added scribble & splash patterns that Hope often uses on her social media to tie things together! Now, both sites are unique but go together nicely and resonate with their verrrry different audiences!

Website Design

We took Hope's existing Squarespace website and divided it into two brand-new Showit websites: one for patient services, and one for education and consulting.

On the patient services side, we created new pages for nutrition and lactation services that highlight Hope's team and specialties. With any project, I love to hone in on what makes a business different from their competitors – and Hope's was no different! Hope holds several advanced certifications, including specialty training in allergies. She also provides support to those with more medically complex conditions, like PKU and feeding tubes. We made sure to highlight those on her services page to set her apart, and to boost her search rankings for those terms!

For Hope's education site, we added pages for her Infant Feeding Counselor course, as well as services she's providing but had no current method of communicating: speaking and consulting. A hidden media kit page was designed to save her time on sharing headshots and bios for speaking engagements, and a freebies page created for current and existing lead magnets.

Creating a Course Sales Page

One of our main focuses for the education site was the sales page for Hope's Infant Feeding Counselor™ course. Before our project, the IFC sales page was brief and gave little detail as to the value the course provides and how it supports individuals to become lactation consultants.

Here's exactly what I did to take the course sales page from brief and vague to strategic & high converting:

  • Added essential copy and sections to the page, including: agitating/validating the audience's problem (there's no easy way to become a lactation consultant and only one – you guessed it, this one – centralized course that gives you all of your education requirements), benefits, social proof (reviews), and key information like cost/schedule.
  • Created several course graphics (rotating slides, course mockups) to visually showcase value
  • Added frequent calls to action
  • Researched possible questions people would have, asked Hope for her most frequently asked questions about her course, and answering them in the page copy

I also wanted to make the workflow easier for Hope (who was manually completing a ton of steps each time anyone enrolled), so I used Thrivecart, Zapier, and Flodesk to automate 99% of the enrollment process. Now, it's not only easy for Hope to enroll students – but her students are getting all of the information they need before and after enrolling, so they're happier too!

In fact, Hope actually had a student find her website and enroll in the IFC course before we even announced her website launch – my newest and most favorite claim to fame for website results yet!

Congratulations to Hope on the launch of two new websites – I cannot wait to see how they serve your businesses!

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