A woman smiles and looks to the side while sitting outside. The logo superimposed over the photo reads "Tammy Beasley Nutrition"

Tammy Beasley Nutrition | Branding & Website Launch


I am so excited to be sharing the launch of Tammy Beasley's new branding and website today! Tammy is a renowned dietitian, eating disorder specialist and expert, sought after speaker, and a mentor for many (including me!).

Tammy and I met through our work as eating disorder dietitians, and I’m so grateful we have kept in touch as we write new chapters in our careers. She currently offers several services through her business, including individual nutrition counseling, clinical supervision for dietitians and group practices, and speaking for events. She has several high-profile speaking events lined up for the fall, so we wanted to make sure she had a beautiful website to reference at those.

The Project: Mini Brand & Dietitian Website Design

Tammy requested branding that felt comfortable, creative, and fun. She wanted her website to feel like an inviting and safe space or whoever might be in search of her services. One of my favorite parts of this whole project was sitting down with Tammy for her project kick off call, and talking about the voice for her brand. Tammy has a beautiful way with words and we wanted to make sure that was captured both in her visual brand and the copy on her website. The phrases “What is my body telling me?” and “authentic connection” came up frequently, and I’m so excited to see how these words and visuals help support both Tammy and her clients moving forward!

When you are writing and designing a website, it's important to keep in mind who your target audience is, and as someone who has three distinctly different audiences (nutrition clients, dietitians in clinical practice, and people seeking speakers and educators for their events), it was important that we changed our approach for each page.

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With any website project, it's so important to start with the function and goal of the website, rather than beginning with all of the visual details. Those are such a fun way to tie the whole project together, but if you start with only the aesthetics, you're going to be left with a pretty website that does not serve you and your clients well.

The way we did this with Tammy's website was to direct visitors to her three separate services pages in multiple ways. In the main menu of her website, at the very top, you can see that her services are listed in a more descriptive manner. However, throughout her website, there is additional navigation that directs you to the appropriate page based on who you are (“For Dietitians” “For Clients” etc).

An Extra-Special “Secret” Page

One of my favorite features on Tammy's whole entire website is an unlinked page for her media kit. This is where we are keeping some of the files that she often is requested to provide when she speaks at an event – like headshots, her CV, and a variety of bios.

Screenshot of a media kit website page for a dietitian and public speaker

You can view the whole site at TammyBeasley.com!

Tammy's Thoughts

“Amy exceeded all of my expectations! Her professional integrity and experience are two of the reasons I chose to work with her, and the level of energy and passion that she brings made this such a fun and enjoyable project. She absolutely CAPTURED my vision in not only the look but also the content, and I am so excited about the authentic, beautiful, engaging website that we are about to launch together.” 

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